How to Persevere My recent article in Single Matters magazine gives you four important things to do if you want to persevere. Believe and persevere are two words that are loaded with promise for the fruitful future. Without believing, you won’t think you can persevere. And without persevering, you won’t have the fruit of what you believe. Read more . […]

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Dealing with Difficult People When our granddaughter, Kaylin, was three, our daughter, her mom, had gotten into the habit of describing dirty or unpleasant items as nasty. “Ouh, That’s naaasteee,” she would say. One day as they entered the public ladies’ room in a local discount store several Gothic girls were leaving. One held the […]

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You Can Achieve Your Goals First you must set them. A Life Coach will help you establish realistic goals and then encourage through the process to meet them. It helps a great deal to have a cheerleader, especially if you are a single mother. I returned to college as a single mother with three very […]

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Being present in your life will change how you live it. Your self assurance and self awareness will give you clarity of purpose and joy.

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Don’t Kiss the Frog Related post: How to NOT Date a Loser   Women sometimes learn the hard way, but we learn. We know better than to make the same mistake twice. We know now that a frog may be a toad.   This is No Fairytale Once upon a time in a land far, […]

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What is Your Personal Perspective of Your Life? One of the tools I use when life coaching is a Wheel of Personal Perspective. We divide the circle into six wedges: Career, Relationships, Financial, Health, Spiritual, and Well-Being. You will rate each category. The goal of life coaching is to establish balance in your life and […]

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Managing Money If you do not have a job or a steady income a budget may be the least of your concerns. You may not be in the position to consider paying off debts or saving because you are financially dependent on others. Perhaps you are on welfare and food stamps. There are times when it […]

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Simple steps for managing money on limited income as single mother.

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Success is a Series of Sensible Choices Related posts: Making Daily Choices and Financial Pitfalls I learned some of these the hard way. I certainly didn’t do everything right. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. Let me know your thoughts. 1. You are a mother first, foremost, and forever. Your children are your priority. Your social […]

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Let Me Inspire You I have produced babies, Braille, and burnout—and I bear witness to the benefits of all three. My heart goes out to women who are going through tough times. My desire is to  benefit women through coaching, to guide them in  approaching life in a way that makes a real difference. My […]


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